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Their primary concern is to score distinctions; what becomes of their social life takes a backseat. This kind of thinking eventually filters into adulthood, which explains why many adults put more emphasis on establishing their careers than on starting a family.

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When teenagers cannot withstand the demands of this modern society, they turn to their friends for support. Peers are an important influence on behaviour during adolescence and teenagers often find it difficult to resist peer pressure. While peer pressure can have positive effects on teenagers when they are inspired by their peers towards positive behaviour such as volunteering for charity, it can also affect them negatively.

This is because peer conformity among teenagers is commonly linked to episodes of adolescent risk-taking like underage drinking and smoking, shoplifting and drug abuse as these activities usually take place in the company of peers.

Essay about Common Teenage Problems

Therefore, when teenagers associate themselves with bad company, they may engage in risky behaviours and become juvenile delinquents. Some teenagers also face problems with their love lives. Boy-girl relationships are becoming increasingly common among teenagers. Curious about many things, teenagers are more than eager to try them out. Though not without good effects, these infatuations have their negative consequences.

Whilst a relationship may help to alleviate the stress of schoolwork, it in turn gives rise to emotional pain when it fails to work out. The complicated stresses and strains that teenagers face can be quite unbearable. How then can they make their teen years a fun-filled experience? They can do many things such as planning their time between work and play wisely for a start. They can also share their problems with a counsellor or even their parents. Having regular communication with their parents will ultimately lead to better understanding.

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Furthermore, a harmonious and cohesive family is a safety net that will provide emotional support when they need it. As for friendships, teenagers must bear in mind that they are vulnerable to peer pressure and exercise caution when they make new friends. Similarly, when it comes to affairs of the heart, they should deliberate over entering into a relationship with the opposite sex to avoid unnecessary heartaches.

Only when they become more mature and responsible should they seriously think about a romantic involvement. Finally, teenagers should note that the various obstacles they face are there for a good reason. Although adolescence may not always be smooth-sailing, it is still a very special phase to be cherished. Secondary 3, , English Tuition. This is mostly do to the fact that if you have this problem at some point you tend to study who you really are and in the end know yourself better.

A child who is popular is much less likely to go through this issue. As children get older and begin high school there is an increased importance of friends. As teenagers begin trusting and telling secrets to their friends, their relationship gains a sense of loyalty and obligation. When a teenagers finds him or herself thinking like a someone else it develops into a friendship.

If a strong bond occurs with someone normally of the opposite sex dating might occur. Dating is a very loose word which can mean many different things. It can mean going out in a group to have fun, going out in a group to get to know each other, or just two people going out to see a movie.

Teenage Immigrants and problems they face

After feelings have grown between two people they sometimes experiment sexually with each other. Most teenagers' first practice with sex does not involve another person. Many young adults have sexually related fantasies about someone they know or someone they don't know for that matter.

It is also fairly common for adolescents to masturbate. When many adolescents have reached high school, they have had some experience with intimate sexual contact, such as kissing, caressing, or sexual intercourse. In the 80's it was common to become sexually active young, however now it seems as though that rate is slowing down.

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Judaism and many other religions look down on sexual activity or anything of that nature before marriage. Sexuality is only one of the main issues that high-schoolers face. Another main concern in a teenager's life is school. The school day and the school atmosphere is much more treacherous then it was in elementary school. When they were younger This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience.

Got it! Learn more. Problems Teenagers Face Essay words - 4 pages. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. Teen Texting Essay words - 5 pages forms of communication for teenagers. However, this form of communication has resulted in long lasting, negative social behaviors for some teenagers. The number one social behavior that texting has affected is face to face communication. Some teenagers struggle with the ability of effectively communicating with peers and especially adults when they are talking in person McWhorter. It is much easier for them to express their feelings over text.

Common Teenage Problems Essay words - 4 pages Teenage is a fundamental stage of life that each human being passes through. Some people face this period of their life strongly and positively, while others face many problems and difficulties.

This depends on the environment these young adults live in, their parents, their friends, their living conditions, their education, and many other factors. Teenagers face many problems such as becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, being influenced. Plastic Surgery words - 6 pages surgery, but for teenagers surgery can be dangerous.

Teenagers use plastic surgery as a way to fit in, so solve all their problems. Society drives teenagers to look better, whether it is their parents, people around them, or T. Society seems to always be looking for that perfect body and beautiful face. Teenage Binge Drinking and its Consequences words - 6 pages makes drinking appear fun and attractive. Apart from the media, psychological difficulties may also compel teenagers to engage in drinking habits with the aim of eliminating unwanted feelings. For example, teenagers who may fail in their grades or face certain challenges may use alcohol.

Emotional instability and poor skills in managing impulses can increase the chances of teenagers engaging in alcohol taking. Although alcohol taking among the. Although, the contact is not face to face interaction, it still allows teenagers to discuss and converse topics of interest without traveling or seeing one another.

According to a psych professor named Larry D. Rosen, at California State University, social networks such as Facebook, can actually increase teenagers capability of empathy. The more teenagers log on, send friend requests, post statuses and pictures, the. Teenage depression is one of the serious problems that must be solved.

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  8. Therefore, we must know the sources of the problems in order to solve it. There are a lot of causes of depression among teenagers. A lot of parents want their children in all age include teenagers, succeed in the study to ensure their children have the better. Effect of Violent Video Games on Teenagers words - 5 pages Introduction Violent video games are special games, which negatively influences to the attitude and behavior.

    These video games are popular between children and teenagers.