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Beyond the Deep Woods by Chris RiddellPaul Stewart | Scholastic

It was the last communion I would ever have with her, and I have never felt so unbearably connected to the rhythms of the universe. But I was on forbidden ground.

Like all other mortals, I would have to return to the planet earth of grief. An hour with the angels is about all we can take.

Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods- Preview by Loreen Keliiliki

I immediately thought of Dante, the author I had devoted much of my career to teaching and writing about. After a charmed youth as a leading poet and politician in Florence, Dante was sentenced to exile while on a diplomatic mission. In those first years, Dante wandered around Tuscany, desperately seeking to return to his beloved city.

Essay on A Day in the Forest

He met with fellow exiles, plotted military action, connived with former enemies — anything to get home. But he never saw Florence again.

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In a wintery forest a traveller with his horse hesitates to stop in the woods to rest instead of continuing his journey and therefore accomplishing his mission elsewhere. The specific arrangement of rhymes supported by an iambic tentrameter and the use of mostly monosyllabic words at the end of each line create the effect of reading a lullaby.

Slight alterations and discrepancies of meter and rhythm can change possible interpretations of a poem.

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In the last stanza there is an intensification of the simplification of the rhyming pattern aaba bbcb ccdc dddd.