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To spell check a. You and others if you can get them should manually proof-read as well! Your thesis should be set out on numbered, portrait A4 pages. It should be double spaced and the inner bound margin should be To comply with university guidelines you will need to submit two copies, for each of your examiners, to the exam schools.

Postgraduate Research Thesis Submission (School of Computer Science - The University of Manchester)

You may also like to print a copy for yourself you will need one to take with you into your viva. Before you start, if you are printing in colour at the department make sure you have enough printer credit by emailing IT let them know the printer and your Bod card number and they will top you up if necessary.

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If you are planning to print your copies double sided you may want to buy your own paper of higher quality than that provided by the department at least gsm. As of October , the Oxford Print Centre was selling the cheapest packs of gsm paper we could find but sold out close to deadline day! You might want to do a test run of a few colour pages of your thesis before you send the whole file to be printed.

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Printing at dpi instead of the default dpi can improve the appearance of your figures considerably. You may want to stay late at the office to print so you are not disturbed by other print jobs during office hours. Your thesis should be securely bound in either hard or soft cover.

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There are several binding facilities through Oxford but I used the Oxford Print Centre just down the road, which also guarantees a one hour service for soft binding even on submission days. Log In Sign Up. Curriculum Vitae. Megan Loumagne. Megan Loumagne Christ Church St.

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The project aims to develop the interdisciplinary skills of university faculty selected to participate in the project. To that end, it provides an opportunity for 25 university faculty from around the world to spend one month in Oxford participating in an academic program that develops their skills to navigate challenging issues related to Science and Religion.

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As the Academic Coordinator for this project, I have been tasked with developing the academic programme. Undergraduate Religion and Philosophy Instructor present St.

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Teaching this class involves lecturing and leading discussion of texts twice a week, as well as assigning and marking essays. Massimo Faggioli. Phil students in my year of entry, and to 1.